Lake Shore Resort
Property Owners
Association Inc.
Phone: (765)647-6887
       The Board is holding a meeting Saturday the 26th at 9am in the
  Shelter house to go over and finalize the changes and corrections
  to the covenants.

The properties on 170 and 171 Blue Jay has been extended until August 9.  
Interested parties should contact the office at (765) 647-6887 for more details or
contact Kevin Polivick, Board President @

As many of our Lake Shore owners know, the Covenants and By-Laws are
currently being reviewed and updated. The last revision occurred in 1981, over
33 years ago. Since that time, Lake Shore Resorts number of owners has grown
from less than 100 to over 500 owners since that time. We are also trying to
resolve a legal matter involving owners who had their memberships suspended.

To move forward in revising the Covenants and By-Laws, the Lake Shore Board
of Directors will discuss these changes on a on going effort.  Remember if you
can not make the meeting you can contact us through Members Voice tab on
this web page.

Office Seasonal hours are: Mon., Wed., Fri. 10-2,
Sat. 9-3
Debi Reed Office assistant.
Lake Shore Resort   15105 Lake Shore Blvd  Brookville, IN 47012
~~Next Board Meeting is Saturday, Aug 9th, Board meeting is at 10:00 am. Meeting will be held at the Shelter House
**** Next Board Meeting this Saturday, July 26th, Board meeting at 9:00 am. Meeting will be held at the Shelter House to cover the covenants ****