Position opening: Janitor position open, part-time, seasonal.
Responsible for cleaning bathrooms, shower area and shelter.  10-15
hours per week. If interested, please contact the office at 765 647-6887
or email office@lakeshoreresort.org.
Winter Office hours are: Mon.,
Wed., 10-2, Sat. 9- noon.
Debi Reed Office assistant.
Lake Shore Resort
Property Owners
Association Inc.
Phone: (765)647-6887
Lake Shore Resort   15105 Lakeshore Blvd  Brookville, IN 47012
This organization was established to operate with volunteers (true volunteers).  This is how cost
have been kept to a minimum, including annual dues.  We need to look into volunteering.  This
can be once a season, month, week, or it can be by project.  It can include entertainment, monthly
events, construction, cleaning, and many more.
PLEASE HELP!!!  Just ask.
See Bobbie Roberts on Canary
New Covenants and Bylaws approved
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~~Next Board Meeting is Saturday, May 9th, Board meeting is at 10:00 am. Meeting will be held at the Shelter House.